Supervisor’s and Principal’s Messages

Supervisor’s Message

Inspire Intelligence Exhibit Creativity

Welcome everyone in joining William Smart Kindergarten, our big family.

We place children at the centre and establish their whole development and promote autonomous learning. Our classes combine Chinese and Western cultures and show the importance of various languages, enabling cheerful learning.

Our team has a group of experienced teachers, who collaborate together and are devoted in carrying out diversified learning, which fits with the child’s development appropriately.

We continue to optimize our school, to offer excellent preschool quality education and grow more capable and intelligent students to contribute to society.

Supervisor Too Siu Ping Flora

Principal’s Message

Respect children’s uniqueness Experience life-on-life influence

William is centered around the holistic development of the CHILD – offering love, care and a professional attitude. We nurture children with love. Our teaching team cares and loves children, believes in education is a life-on-life influence and nurture children to have a positive value.


We convince that every child is unique with different characters and abilities. We respect children’s independence and accompany them to grow and learn with love, patience and open-minded attitude. Let them create pleasant memories by gaining different successful experiences. We wish every child to have a joyful and wonderful childhood.

Principal Chui Mong Han